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Legacy Videos

What is a Legacy Video?

A Legacy Video can come from several points-of-view:  “My”, “Our”, or “Their” story.

“My” story is simply the sharing of a single person’s story.  It most commonly features direct storytelling from the person it features.  In conjunction with the dialogue (interview) photos will be displayed reflecting those stories throughout the video.


“Our” story is most commonly a couple sharing their story.  They will share stories about how they met, when/where they married, the birth and raising of their children, their adventures together.  It can be done with one or both people through interviews or done as a voice-over of pictures and other videos.  The latter is done sometimes when one of the two has passed or is no longer able to share their stories.    An “Our” story can also be the story of a family business.


“Their” story comes from the third-party perspective.  It can be of siblings sharing stories of each other; children sharing stories of their parents; or business associates/partners sharing stories of their successes.


Select the option to the right for more ideas and information of the type of Legacy for which you are wishing to record and share.

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