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We help small businesses produce quality videos to advertise their products on their website and/or social media. We also help individuals, families or businesses share their stories.

Why Here?

Why are you Here?

Are you here because . . .

  • You are searching for ways to record you or a family member’s legacy to share with your parent, children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren?

  • You you wish to find an affordable way to record the history and legacy of your family-owned business . . . while everyone is still around to remember the stories, share the moments, and celebrate the success of the business that took years, even generations to build?

  • You are a small business looking for an affordable and professional means to communicate your services to the world?

  • You are an artist, a singer, a musician, an accountant/bookkeeper, a consultant, a storyteller, a speaker, a massage or Reiki master, a personal trainer, or just someone looking for a job and see the potential that a video can do for you?




Susmita Barua

Spiritual Coach & Teacher

"I have the pleasure of working with Susan a few months now. She has a gift for capturing your core message in her bite size video and marketing materials."


Aaron Webster 

"You brought to so much joy to my family and I in your hard-work and dedication making my parents Legacy video. I cannot say thank you enough and I would hands down recommend you to anyone that asks.  You went far and above what we could have imagined. Everything you did for our family is amazing."


Greg Horn

Host of HOPE is Here

I hired Susan in December 2017 to help me start my Non-Profit, “HOPE is Here.” She built my Website, produced my Podcasts(over 30,000 Downloads) and has filmed and produced some wonderful Video’s for our organization! Her attention to detail is excellent and you can count on Susan to make all deadlines. Susan is a person of integrity and has been a huge part of our success! I would recommend you contact her today!

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